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"Word On The Street" says this is your new fave thea wang song

With only three tracks out so far, Norway's thea wang has already proven that she possesses the ability to write folk-pop tracks that dive into the deepest of human emotions. "Word On The Street" offers another heartbreaking narrative told by the singer through her blend of traditional acoustics with modern electronics that will feature on her upcoming debut album.

"I wrote this one after moving to Copenhagen, and biking in the rain and wind every day, feeling like it would never stop," says thea. Coming from someone who grew up in Bergen ("the rainiest city in the world") that is quite the statement, but the hopeless of being alone in a new place for the first time, far from home and soaking wet is probably not unknown to lot a of us. "Then I went to London to write with Jørgen Kasbo, guitar player, that same autumn. There it was sunny with blue skies. After it had been sooo grey and cloudy and rainy in Copenhagen for a period that felt like a lifetime, I felt the sun and blue skies again. My mind had soaked up all the bad weather, and this song just fell out in a second."

With it's seemingly simple acoustic guitar and it's howling chorus, "Word On The Street" perfectly depicts a statue of longing for the familiar, the doubt if going back might be better. That's for the listener to decide.


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