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Girl Scout kindly ask to see your "Bruises"

It’s damn near impossible to start a band these days, and it’s even more impossible to actually make great music once you do. Girl Scout figured out the formula before even making a full-length LP. Their trajectory arrives without a ceiling. Before releasing their second EP Granny Music, the band drops one more single: 'Bruises', a ballad with country influence that showcases Emma Jansson's professionally trained vocal spectrum.

Fit for that big stadium lighters in the air moment, this single shows another nuance in Girl Scout's playbook. "'Bruises' is a song about reaching a certain age where you realize that the grown ups and elderly people around you aren’t really grown ups but just kids stuck in older bodies. It’s a song about trying to understand and forgive the wrongdoings or faults that people close to you may have and, in some ways, the whole track is a reminder for myself to try and choose love and patience instead of anger and irritation", says writer and guitarist Viktor Spasov about the song.

So far the band has earned comparisons to everyone from The Breeders to Snail Mail, all while embellishing a sonic finesse that, often, outstretches those names intechnicolor 4K. NME, DORK, Under The Radar and more tipped them as ones to watch 2023, others augur them the same shooting star career as Wet Leg. Features in Clash, The Times, The Guardian, Gaffa, Atwood, Billboard, diffus, Visions and too many more to name them all here sang the band's paean as one of the most innovative and energetic newcomers around. The songs aired on radio stations all over the world, from BBC 1 to 6 Music, P3, Amazing Radio, Triple J, Double J, FluxFM, Puls, egoFM and a lot more.

Girl Scout continue to weave the tapestry of a sound that has already become so big and unbelievable, pulling patient pleasures from eras they didn’t even exist in but have strong, reverberating reverence for.

Their second EP Granny Music arrives September 27th and will be available on vinyl as a split together with their first EP Real Life Human Garbage.


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