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With "Lighthouse" Vaarin kicks of a new project intended to make you dream

After her phenomenal EP Bitter Taste Of Goodbye, Norwegian chanteuse Vaarin used the quiet months of 2020 to write Imaginary Movies. The four magnificent songs of this upcoming EP are made to give you music for your daydreams, they want to set the tone for emotions and thoughts. They provide you with small hints and suggestions that can affect the story line of the film you see behind your closed eyes.

The first single “Lighthouse” is a glowing beacon of light to help you navigate the ocean. Lighthouses make for quite the metaphor for human relationships: one is safe on land, the other one afloat in the open sea, struggling, longing at least. Love is often a feeling between storm and still water, between the great ocean and the safe lighthouse.

"Lighthouse" comes with a music video that draws the listener further into this world of antagonism, showcasing forlorn darkness and shimmering hope. Give in, give up.

The Imaginary Movies will be out in May.


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