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Vaarin drops dreamy new EP Imaginary Movies, premieres in Atwood Magazine

Here it is, an EP aiming at your imagination. A lot of music is, you say, but this one is different. All songs on Imaginary Movies were written for films that do not exist. Yet. They have still have to be made. By you.

Atwood Magazine premiered the EP with a beautiful in depth feature.

Norwegian soft voodoo priestess Vaarin is known for a voice that can convey emotion in a way only the smell after a rainstorm can. With a hunch for classic melodies, she strings words that are simple and thus effective, weighs them down with a feeling of nostalgia and lifts them up with bright beams of evening sun-light.

Showcasing her strengths, first single "Lighthouse" introduced this EP back in April, showcasing forlorn darkness and shimmering hope, using a strong metaphor of love and being lost.

Second single "Darling" went into a more caressing mode, expressing the deep and sometimes overlooked love of the every day with amber notes. Together with the songs “Auteur”, where Vaarin reflects about how her own story called life might end, and “Ballet Dancer”, a song about the darkness that can lie beneath beauty, Imaginary Movies is complete.

Imaginary Movies is out. Grab a blanket and go into your garden, into a park, into the woods. Lay on the beach or in your garage. Close your eyes and let your imaginary movie begin.


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