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Feeling down? Listen to Vaarin call you "Darling" for immediate relief

After her phenomenal EP Bitter Taste Of Goodbye, Norwegian chanteuse Vaarin used the quiet months of 2020 to write Imaginary Movies. The four magnificent songs of this upcoming EP are made to give you music for your daydreams, they want to set the tone for emotions and thoughts. They provide you with small hints and suggestions that can affect the story line of the film you see behind your closed eyes.

After first single "Lighthouse" now comes "Darling" – a song like a hug (according to Vaarin’s sister). Picture an old couple sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee in the morning. It is all about that everyday love, that love you feel watching television with your family on the couch. That love you feel just by knowing someone inside out. A love so huge no words are big enough to explain, yet we tend to forget this kind of love. It is also a song about wanting to help the one you love, and about the frustration of not being able to.

In this song, Vaarin's voice explores the lower ranges, going all amber and caramelly. Surrounded by only as much as a piano and a cello, the warm feeling of "Darling" makes the comfort of having someone who can provide you with the above mentioned kind of love audible.

"Darling" is part of the EP Imaginary Movies which will be out on May 28th, the song comes with a Behind The Scenes-Video: "It's a document of our process of recording the song. I wrote the song on my own a few years ago on my Rhodes piano in my studio/garage in Hokksund. I wrote this song to my younger sister, after she has told me a lot about her problems with depression. The line 'Say what's on your mind, darling?' was the first line I wrote for this song. The demo was made in my friend Marcus Edvardsen's home studio, with candles and angry neighbours. If you listen closely, you can hear the train passing by at the end of the song." Documenting all the people involved in making "Darling", Vaarin brings the warmth and love present during recording on screen. Vaarin is available for features and interviews.


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