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This is Girl Scout. And they are signed to made records. Yes!

Universe: "Do you wanna be a post-punk band or trained jazz musicians?" Girl Scout: "Yes."

It's a tale as old as time: four young people meet while studying. In this tale our protagonists are Swedish and became acquainted at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm not too long ago. They studied Jazz, they played together. First two of our friends "formed a duo in an attempt to earn money, playing mostly evergreens and covering anything from the Beatles to Burt Bacharach at cocktail events and openings", but soon enough, after they started performing original songs, their enthusiasm got contagious and they became a four piece. ​

Now, they weren't the uber awesome slacker combo we are presenting you today straight away. "We have spent several years playing and studying jazz full time, but being stuck at home in the midst of a pandemic took away the usual environment of jam sessions and transcribing, and made room for playing for our own pleasure. We found ourselves playing the kind of music that had gotten us hooked from the start. We initially bonded over a shared love of acts like Big Thief, Phoebe Bridgers, Elliot Smith and the Beatles which formed the starting point of their sound." ​

And there you have it: Girl Scout. Emma Jansson, Evelina Arvidsson Eklind, Per Lindberg and Viktor Spasov didn't mean to become so cool, it was an accident. The only real way that cool things happen. "It was clear from the first time the band played together. Viktor and Emma had brought a couple song ideas, but after 3 hours rehearsing as a band suddenly there were six almost finished songs. There is a natural collaboration between us, where everyone's musical contribution naturally gels together and forms our collective sound," they say. ​

2022 will see the arrival of Girl Scout's debut EP. We're thrilled to say this will happen on Made Records. ​You had better go follow them on Instagram.


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