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Don't sleep on thea wang's debut album 'While He Is Still Asleep'

There is something wonderfully unique in thea wang's solar system. With deep intensity she transforms random encounters, loneliness and love into euphonious short stories that open doors into others lives - and we get to be guests for a little while. With her singles, the Norwegian songwriter has already proven that she possesses the ability to write folk-pop tracks that dive into the deepest of human emotions. Now it's time for her debut album

thea’s debut album is made up of melodic pop songs that take unexpected leaps and fit her magical voice perfectly, helped by electronics and samples that modernize a traditional acoustic singer-songwriter sound. You can hear Joni's heart beats in her writing, Regina Spektor's tender humour in her lyrics. "I think of this record as ‘dialogues’, and small snippets into other peoples lives. Very inspired by the lyrics of Joni Mitchell, the writer Frode Grytten, Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson and the visual artist Nalini Malani."

"Two years ago I saved up some money and traveled alone to Italy and New York for some months. Just before I was leaving, doctors found an injury on my vocal-folds and told me I had to be silent for a month to prevent surgery. So I spent the next months silent in a small village called Casteletto Molina in Piemonte, and then New York". When she got back she had to undergo surgery, followed by more time in absolute silence, without being able to speak for weeks, and sing for months. "It made me appreciate how silence can teach you a lot. But it also made me extremely restless, and I realized how much I need to sing to find meaning in life. Sounds cliché, but for me it's true," thea says. She also traveled to London and LA. Some of the songs from her upcoming debut album were written during her travels. "I met so many people that I sort of carried with me - and so the songs in this album are small novels about different people that I’ve met, people I know, people I don’t know, and some stories from my own life."

'While He Is Still Asleep' is out now and will be followed up with two music video in the next weeks.


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