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Girl Scout appear on the scene with a bang and debut "Do You Remember Sally Moore"

It's a tale as old as time: four young people meet while studying. In this tale our protagonists are Swedish and became acquainted at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm not too long ago. They studied Jazz, they played together. First two of our friends "formed a duo in an attempt to earn money, playing mostly evergreens and covering anything from the Beatles to Burt Bacharach at cocktail events and openings", but soon enough, after they started performing original songs, their enthusiasm got contagious and they became a four piece.

The grapevine is buzzing already, Girl Scout have been making a name of themselves in the last months playing live shows around the UK and Scandinavia, supporting Holly Humberstone and securing first festival spots. "Where can I find your music!?!?" is the most asked question underneath their social posts, alas they didn't have any songs out – until now. The wait is finally over. Emma Jansson (guitar, vocals), Evelina Arvidsson Eklind (bass, vocals), Per Lindberg (drums) and Viktor Spasov (guitar) are ready to release their debut single "Do You Remember Sally Moore?"

"Expect Girl Scout to be the new year's Wet Leg!" - The Revue

"Sally was written as a homage to the absolute knockdown experience of going through high school," says Viktor. "The original idea and overall story was created with visual inspiration from TV shows like 'Sex Education' or 'Stranger Things', influenced by their portrayal of friendship, humor and overwhelming emotions. Part of the story was co-written with my own best friend from high school, Tobias Ekelund, and our shared experiences and friendship helped fuel the storytelling and emotional connection to the song. Both of us used to fall in love with older, cooler girls, and we’d spend our lunch breaks in the school canteen dreaming about building up the courage to talk to them. Of course in the end we never did, and they had absolutely no idea who we were... So Sally might be a representation of that hopeless yet wonderful one-way street kind of love."

"Do You Remember Sally Moore?" comes with a video put together from the band's recent live gigs and backstage shenanigans. "Viktor has an old camera that he got from his mom, he bought a bunch of tapes and just started recording sometimes when we were hanging out. The standing joke was that the footage was gonna be used for a documentary about us someday. Jokes aside, it worked out pretty well for us when we ended up with a bunch of material for a music video!"

Girl Scout live:

7 November The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK

8 November The Horn, St Albans, UK

9 November Servant Jazz Quarters, London, UK 3 December Viva Sounds, Gothenburg, SWE

31 January The Joiners, Southhampton, UK*

1 February Le Pub, Newport, UK*

2 February Bodega, Nottingham, UK*

3 February The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK*

4 February Corn Exchange, Hertford, UK*

more to be added

* supporting Coach Party


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