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RⱯHM ⚉ - the thunder peal of spackle on drywall

"i spend most of my days trying to fix things that aren't broken," says Rahm, "hole filling and mole killing." what he means by that can hardly be explained, yet you somehow know it. putting his disarming vocals over a feather-edged instrumental, Rahm's newest track is about wanting to create wholeness - even by means seemingly offbeat.

"the part in the bridge about the glowsticks is true. there were a dozen glowsticks I put in the freezer like 15 years ago after some bar mitzvah party that must have been a total hoot because apparently i wanted those glowstick necklaces to last a lifetime. (the glow lasts longer if you put them in the freezer.) anyway they just stayed there in the freezer for well over a decade. i didn't throw them out. as if these glowsticks would make me feel whole again, or that without them I'd be lacking something. i guess that's what i mean when i say i'm a spackle patching holes. i threw most of them out recently, you'll be relieved to know, but of course i saved one. partly because i'm a lunatic and partly because i thought i could sell it on ebay or something. which i guess is still being a lunatic. wacha think? who wants it? i'll start the bidding at 15 cents." do we hear more?

while only on his second single, Rahm has already bagged features in taste maker blogs like COLOR or Neølyd and fronted his first cover on Spotify's Bloom playlist. if we were you, we would snatch that glowstick, it might soon be worth a bit more than 15 cents.


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