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RⱯHM ⚉ currs in the new year with new song "semiautomatical"

so far, you were trusted with two Rahm songs, two unwontedly songs. maybe you didn't know what to make of them. single no. 3 is here to steady the picture. released on the very first day of 2021, it was selected for several New Music Friday playlists on Spotify (including US and UK) and already received sparkling reviews from A1234, COLORS and Soundkartell.

"for a lot of the upcoming songs i was thinking about the - dare I say curious - current scenario of being a human animal in an outrageously augmented planet. being a primal fleshy thing in a civilized, digitized world. 'semiautomatical' is a non-word that i was using to refer to this kind of halfness. closeness and farness simultaneously. watching other people have sex on the internet. love in the anthropocene. blah blah you get it. but it's more ambiguous than "wow this is fucked the bots are taking over my brainstem." it's the feeling of sticking your hand out the window of a moving car and letting your palm pitch and dive with the wind. knowing that even on the highway humanity thrives."

released on first of january, odd choice but fit for Rahm. again, there is a shining riff undulating through the whole of it, making you feel the sensation of an oil drop massage, while Rahm's voice laves through your brain.

"the whole thing where i sing real quietly and layer myself over myself 5 times until i become a kind of omnipresent whisper of total penetrating wispy omnipresence and wisp. i love a simple sounding vocal, but i also love a vocal that has a kind of everywhereness. maybe it's because i don't hear my own thoughts in one particular place in the stereo spectrum. the voice of my thoughts is somewhere, and i hear it quite clearly, but i can't say it's in the center, or in any particular place. you know what i mean? it's just kind of everywhere. "

ready for a bit of everywhereness?


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