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"open wii-iide" and say RⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯⱯHM ⚉ - new track

in terms of RⱯHM ⚉, "open wii-iide" is probably almost a dance track. the clanky skipping of the beat makes for a cozy little boiler room soundtrack. if the boiler room was cushioned. the lyrics seem to be about a long distance relationship but the inspiration behind them struck RⱯHM ⚉ from somewhere completely else:

"There are a lot of songs that emerge out of the ashes of other songs. The song that burned to create the ashes for this one was about Mary Trembles, who was tried as a witch because something about a bird landing on Temperance Loyd's windowsill and then Anthony Jones had a shaking fit and according to William Edwards, Susanna said that the devil had sucked her breast and her secret parts, and then of course as everyone plainly saw Mary appeared invisible at John Barnes' house, and with all that evidence stacked against her Mary actually confessed, which I found tragic and just bonkers. Anyway the whole song ended up a little indulgent so I took a few elements from it and made this bouncy kind of not-exactly-a-love song."

that's also not-exactly-an-explanation, but ok. as long as RⱯHM ⚉ keeps sucking us into his world of extraordinary songwriting and sound production.

RⱯHM ⚉'s new record

SO CLOSE BUT So o º ˚ ˚ ˚ f ƒ ª a r ®️ ˚

will come out July 30th in Made Records


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