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Bathing time: RⱯHM ⚉'s new single "all the days" announces his new album

single after single, Rahm managed to grow an audience of astounded listeners over the past few months. the glistening sound structures and deeply personal, yet allegoric lyrics struck many people like tiny lighting bolts.

we're happy to announce that Rahm's debut record

SO CLOSE BUT So o º ˚ ˚ ˚ f ƒ ª a r ®️ ˚

will come out July 30th.

new single "all the days" will be on it. it's loosely about baths. "I don't take baths. I grew up taking baths. I love baths. I love putting my ears just under the water. I love hearing nothing. I love bubbles and oils and the lights off and time going away. There's nothing better than a bath. But I don't take them anymore. It's too crushing. The gradual cooling, the diffusion of heat, until pretty soon it's not really a bath anymore, just a pool of water you're sitting in, but you still don't want to get out because it's your bath and you love baths. I don't really know what this song's about, but I think there's something here about letting yourself have a good thing and submerging in it, fully. And then the struggle of letting it go, and the struggle of getting out when it's time. And that's a struggle that comes with loving anyone or anything or anytime. Here's to bathing right."

screaming lyrics, iridescent synth sounding like bubbles slowly bursting. submerge in it.


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