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MOYKA - I Don't Wanna Hold On (Demo)

Losing a love, suffering, deciding that you suffered enough: Moyka releases a one off single about choosing she is done with heartbreak. "I Don't Wanna Hold On" arrives in form of a raw piano demo; producing the song, Moyka decided that in this original form, the message of the lyrics can shines brightest. For now.

The 23 year old Norwegian producer and songwriter just released her second EP Spaces to reviews that called it "stellar", "magic" or a "masterpiece". Over the last weeks, a series of acoustics and remixes was released, showing that not only can Monika Engeseth work a synthesizer, but she also knows how to defragment her own songs and change their appeal into something unexpected and new. Now this new single works as a bridge to the new chapter, a piano demo of a new song that might give us an idea where Moyka is heading to next.


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