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KOKO - Silly With It

September brought a long awaited relief for KOKO: Their first live shows in eight months! They played Hamburg's Reeperbahn Festival to splendid reviews and after that headed to Berlin to play another show to a very small live audience (you can watch the footage of both concerts below). It was the much needed wind in their sails that now lets them steam full speed onwards to the release of the second EP All Together Now (30th October). Their next single is a pretty good depiction of the bees they're having up their butts now (that's a legit German saying for when you are really excited about something, for real, we swear).

"It follows on from our last single 'So Nice to Meet You'… the next part of the story. The building of an early relationship and getting lost in someone. Having all the fun and excitement with that one person. Neither song is about a specific occasion, more about the feeling you get in the early stages of something new," says the band.

"Silly With It" is that moment after your roller coaster wagon slowly went uphill and you are on the very top and know it's about to get down. Start screaming.


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