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KOKO team up with Nina Chuba and Dillistone to blow your head up - with new single "22s"

The Boys with the dark edged beats and shrill melancholy are back - and they teamed up with reinforcements.

Against the odds, KOKO released two EPs in 2020, building a reputation as raucous rascals with a soft side. With not a lot to do in terms of gigging, they spent their free time writing new music, and one of these tracks is out now for you to bounce around to.

Upon release day, the song was placed in the new music playlists on every streaming service, gathering a total of 100,000 in it's first week.

Before heading to their gig at Reeperbahn Festival in late summer last year, KOKO spent some fruitful time in Berlin, where they met German rising star Nina Chuba and producer Dillistone. The five of them spitballed song ideas for a few days, eventually coming up with "22s". The Band remembers: "We instantly clicked and built the story of the song about a failed relationship. We felt we'd all been in the same situation where everything we did seemed to be wrong. When you constantly find yourself in these scenarios, it's that feeling of 'damned if you do and damned if you don't', a catch-22."

KOKO's singer Ollie starts crooning over a deep beat, Nina joins in the chorus and lays down some unapologetic bars in her signature style. "22s is a track about being a walking disaster you just can’t leave alone. Your flaws are perfect in all their messed up glory and if that makes you a living catch-22, then find someone who doesn’t mind playing with fire," she and Dillistone say about the song.


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