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We'd have rather not learned about "Jennifer" - thea wang release new single

thea wang reveals "Jennifer". Establishing itself immediately with an emotional and intense tone, thea is accompanied with just the subtle plucking of an acoustic guitar as she unveils the story of the title character through her poignant, wistful vocals.

Based around a heart-wrenching love triangle, thea explains how the character of 'Jennifer' ultimately sees another woman behind the main character's back: “I watched my neighbours’ confrontation, and then imagined the ultimate breakup where the main character is (almost unbelievably) happy for her partner to fall in love behind her back. The most important thing for this person is for Jennifer to be happy, and free to leave if that is what feels right to her.”

Taking thea’s ability to write folk-pop tracks that dive into the deepest of human emotions, this new single sees the Norwegian singer-songwriter talk directly to Jennifer, comforting her and telling her that the future will be alright through the angelic tones of her vocal rises and dips. ‘Jennifer’ comes as a follow up to thea’s first two singles, ‘Tell Me About It’, and ‘While He Is Still Asleep’, completing a trilogy of heartbreaking narratives told by the singer through her blend of traditional acoustics with modern electronics that will feature on her upcoming debut album.


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