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Girl Scout release first music video and indulge in being a "Weirdo"

Two singles out and already on several Ones To Watch lists for 2023? It's true, the response to the first releases of the Swedish quartet has been overwhelming. From their home turf Scandinavia, where they landed playlists on P3 Sweden, P13 Norway, P6 Denmark, as well as features in Dagens Nyheter and the biggest music magazine of the North, Gaffa, to Germany and the UK where both "Do You Remember Sally Moore?" and "All The Time And Everywhere" got featured on numerous radio stations like BBC1, BBC6, Amazing Radio, FluxFM or egoFM while receiving praise from the likes of The Guardian, The Times, Dork, Clash, diffus, Visions and many more – everyone seems to agree this four piece is on to something. Even the US is hooked, where there's glowing first reviews from Billboard, Atwood, Flood and MTV, with Consequence of Sound wondering: "If this is how Girl Scout are coming out of the gate, it’s going to be quite exciting to see where their whims take them next."

"Some days I wake up and I just forget how to be a person," says singer Emma Jansson about the song, a jangly indie-pop number that portrays in both music and lyrics the tiredness that comes with wanting to adapt to social norms – and the relief of not giving a damn. "Like I forget how to act and can’t for the life of me have a normal conversation. I wrote this song on one of those days. Feeling like you’re all rusty and not being able to relax and climb out of your shell. And then worrying that you’re coming off weird but then you become even weirder because you’re simultaneously analysing if you’re being weird. And then you’re just like fuck it maybe I’m weird but I’ll live."

Together with the release of 'Weirdo' the band announces their debut EP Real Life Human Garbage, arriving February 15th.

'Weirdo' comes with a music video the band shot with legendary actor and comedian Mark Williams. It sees him and Emma fully lean into their weirdness. "We were a little apprehensive about the idea to involve clowns in the video," says the band. But director Kenny McCracken came up with the right plan, and importantly, the right actor to play the part of the clown opposing Emma. Mark Williams has simply got that look that lends itself to this kind of role.

"We shot it chronologically," Emma recalls the shoot in late November, "with me and Mark slowly getting slathered in clown make up by these gloved hands in what appears to be a dressing room as the song progresses until we’re both full blown clowns, with the end shot revealing that the two of us are facing each other as these two weird clown people. Mark really is perfect for the part, he goes from being this depressed looking man to a creepy smiling clown and there are so many subtle reactions he plays around with throughout the video, it’s really a delight to watch."


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