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GRETA ISAAC's new track "POWER" premieres on NOTION

Cramming joy, sorrow, hope and a very 21st century sense for ennui into each of her explosive pop tracks, Greta Isaac is setting out this November to release a collection of songs written across an 18 month period of artistic and personal self reflection. Her first offering "POWER" combines a sharp message with choral arrangements and minimal background music - an almost a capella song about the effect of poisened compliments, the sinister anger coming across in words and music. Leaping from a breathy whisper to a howling whirl of anger and passion, Greta’s vocal shines and presents a tantalising taste of what’s to follow.

NOTION ran the video premiere of Greta self directed clip that goes with "POWER"

Greta says about her song: “This is about how I feel being looked at as a woman and how I can feel useless without the affirmation of the male gaze. Each line starts as a compliment then slowly transitions to sinister promises. The idea of being complimented about my appearance and when I haven’t accepted them, or actively challenged them, my appearance and my femininity is used as a weapon against me."

"Power" is the first track taken of Greta Isaac's new EP, coming early spring 2021. We're thrilled to welcome her to our roster!


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