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Dance your pants off to Greta Isaac's new PESSIMIST EP

Cramming joy, sorrow, hope and a very 21st century sense of ennui into each of her explosive pop tracks, Greta Isaac has shown over the last months what she is capable of. At the heart of her songwriting is a creative tension; an undeniable sense for ear-worm hooks and sharp pop melodies, combined with incisive and often funny lyricism that mixes the personal with the universal. The PESSIMIST EP now reaches its' culminating moment and is released on Friday May 14th alongside lead single “HOW TO BE A WOMAN”.

Recent singles "POWER", "PESSIMIST", "LIKE ME" and "FU" have been garnered plenty of support across the board. BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, Gemma Bradley and Sian Eleri have declared themselves fans of Greta whilst the songs enjoyed extensive regional radio has, included BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio. The likes of Notion, Clash, Diffus, Crack in the Road and many more blogs have come on board and there has been widespread editorial support from all of Spotify, Apple, Amazon & Deezer.

Together with the EP, Greta packs yet another punch with the single "HOW TO BE A WOMAN", a zestful rejection of societal rules and beauty standards women still have to bow to, even in 2021. "'How to Be a Woman” is like a list of how I found myself navigating the world from a young age. It’s a bit tongue in cheek but really blunt. I’d like for people to see the humour in it even though it’s a pretty heavy topic. It takes the perspective of societal structures that often characterise women as one dimensional and refer to them as inanimate objects… There was a strange comfort for me knowing that this was my list and I just needed to stick to it. Though, the older I get the more I realise that that doesn’t need to be the case. "How To Be A Woman" is an ongoing conversation in my head: I don’t know what being a woman, being myself, looks like anymore but I do know that I’d never want be someone who banishes myself from finding out."

BBC Radio 1’s fervent support of Greta has lead to a coveted spot on their Big Weekend 2021 line up, courtesy of BBC Introducing, and Greta is also playing a solo show at London's O'meara on October 25th.

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