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"NUH UH" - Greta Isaac's newest single is more like HECK YEAH

Here's to hoping that 2022 will bring joy and relief. Greta Isaac does her part in making that happen by releasing a straight out banger right away in the beginning of the new year.

"I wrote NUH UH around the same time as Polyfilla and 5’1, although the tone and essence of this song could not be more different," says Greta about her first 2022 release. "NUH UH is manic, delusional, desperate and super charged to the point where I don’t really feel like it’s me who’s singing it when I listen to it. Sonically it feels like the moment you have a 'spark' with someone - a spike in energy, your eyes blacken, your skin gets hot and sweaty. I see it in myself and people around me, it looks like we’re all turning into vampires, desperate for human connection and the feeling of being wanted by another person. It’s fascinating."

"The artwork for me sort of mirrors the transformation that happens when that spark is ignited. Me and Suzie Walsh, my creative director, wanted to create an image that felt like a primal alluring shiny object, to entice someone or something. I’m wearing a dress made entirely of emergency foil blankets by designer Gloria Jane Royer. It reminded me of how a magpie forages for shiny objects that could feel quite mundane to us, but are captivating through the eyes of someone seeking it.”

The video for "NUH UH" premiered on Paper Mag, the song itself debuted on BBC1's BEST NEW POP on release day, followed by a slot on Jack Saunder's Future Artists.

"NUH UH" is the another taste of Greta's upcoming second EP, following her debut EP PESSIMIST. Expect an exuberant, raw and assertive collection of songs that sees Greta navigating millennial anxieties, her newfound artistic fluidity and her position as a woman in modern society.


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