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Greta Isaac drops huge pop anthem "PAYRI$E"

Greta Isaac reveals her brand new single, the blustering pop anthem 'PAYRI$E'. It drops as Greta takes to the stage for a headline show at London’s Oslo, for BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders’ infamous Hopscotch club night.

Arguably Greta’s biggest, brashest song to date, 'PAYRI$E' starts with the audio equivalent of a slap in the face with big bold synth riffs before moving into Greta’s playful arpeggiating verses and later culminating in an anthemic, soaring chorus which gives way to a beautifully raucous cacophony that is simply begging for a pop mosh pit.

Greta explains: “I wrote 'PAYRI$E' with Martin Luke Brown and Nova Blue in London last year. I wanted to write something that felt unapologetically brash and loud and demanding.”

I tend to take on a bit of a character when I write, but I wanted to use the process of writing 'PAYRI$E' as a way to take up some space for myself and demand more from my life and from my relationships. The outcome is a bit of a mess to be honest, but the character of 'PAYRI$E' just doesn’t have the resources to explicitly ask for what she needs in her relationship.. so I guess she’ll just take cash credit or cheque for now while she figures it out!”

‘PAYRI$E’ continues Greta’s groundbreaking aesthetic journey, with a brand new music video and accompanying visuals which continue to level-up and showcase her idiosyncratic creativity and eye for visual storytelling.


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