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Greta Isaac reveals latest single "how are you not freaking out"

Greta Isaac has risen from strength to strength over the course of 2021 and continues to do so as 2022 progresses. With tastemaker support from Radio 1, Sunday Times Culture, and PAPER Magazine, her latest single "how are you not freaking out" trades the usual larger than life sound for a subdued acoustic guitar and heart-wrenching vocals.

Speaking of the single, Greta said: “I wrote this one with my good friend Orla Gartland and Matt Zara. This song has always felt like a dark, wet, cold suburban neighbourhood. I guess what that brings up for me is the suppression of emotion in a bid to keep up with appearances, or to avoid becoming difficult. And even when you’re brave enough to speak up and be truthful about your emotions, and you’re met with resistance or rejection, you can feel lonely and it can be difficult to trust yourself ever again. To me, this is a song about honesty, anger and resistance.”

By combining pop, folk, and alt-rock, Greta has a collection of songs for her upcoming EP that explore human emotions through different musical styles, while on this new song she takes aim at her own people pleasing ways through her evocative and thoughtful lyrics.


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