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Greta Isaac has a candid "F U" for you if you're playing with people's feelings

"It talks about the most vulnerable time in my life," Greta Isaac says about her new single “FU”, and you can hear that. Whilst recent single "Like Me" dealt with the desperate wish for validation in a bold and shrill manner, “F U” is somewhat contrasting; stripped back and exposed carrying regret and sadness throughout.

"'F U' deals with this idea of wanting to turn back time and undo things that, with perspective, you know were harmful. I think with this growth and awareness of yourself you can find some peace and clarity from upsetting points in your life. But sometimes our armour can’t hold us together for longer than we want and we’re left thinking: I wish I didn’t have to go through that. I didn’t deserve that," says the Welsh singer.

Recent singles "POWER", "PESSIMIST" and "LIKE ME" have been garnered plenty of support across the board. BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Gemma Bradley have declared themselves fans of Greta whilst extensive regional radio playlisting has , included BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio. The likes of Notion, Diffus, Crack in the Road and many more blogs have come on board and there has been widespread editorial support from all of Spotify, Apple, Amazon & Deezer.

As Greta draws closer to the full release of her EP, "F U" acts as a last appetiser (no prizes for guessing what the title's short for). The intimacy and storytelling portrayed in the lyrics are beautifully poised with just an acoustic guitar and a few choice vocal harmonies to accompany Greta's delicate and honest vocals. “There’s a childlike sense of shame and sadness I felt writing this song. To me it’s the musical embodiment of wanting to cradle up in a duvet and hiding away from the weight of our lived experience - resenting having to make sense of it all. FU is a bookmark in my life, but listening to it now, I think I can finally close this chapter and appreciate this story for what it taught me about myself.”

"F U" is taken from Greta Isaac's upcoming PESSIMIST EP, out May 14th.


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