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Have a good scream in the garden with thea wang's new song

"'Garden Song' is about thinking that a person is better off without you, and the other one thinking that you cannot decide what is best for them. It's about someone being afraid to be a burden, like saying “just go” even though you want someone to stay. You want the person to do what they want and feel feel like you are keeping them from living their best life," says thea wang about her new song. Her last offering before she will release her debut album in September is set to a tentative dialogue between an electric and an acoustic guitar, while thea's voice tells a story of heartbreak and a pain so big it can only be told with the calm tenor of this Norwegian songwriter.

"At first I thought I had written a story about a person getting a serious disease and that when knowing her life will be hard, they break up with their partner even though all they wants is being with them - and visa versa. But then the story got more personal, I noticed it's partly also about someone just struggling with something, thinking everyone is better off without them, when really that person doesn't see how they’re not."

As light and effortless as all of thea's music sounds, 'Garden Song' did not come easy to her: "I have struggled with the form of this song for so long, and when we worked on it in LA this was the only song that we just couldn’t figure out. We tried so many different forms and in the end Andrew Keller, who produced the album, wanted to let it go, but when I got home I just couldn’t give it up. So I got my friend Andrea Horstad to record me adding some acoustic guitar and my friend Håkon to put some violin on it on the choruses – and I wanted for it to sound like some seagulls screaming – for it to be the pain of letting someone go because it is easier than asking them to stay with you. Then I had a session with Preben Sælid that added some texture with reversing Håkons violin, And then me and my friend Knærten Simonsen worked on it to see if we could make it work."

thea's debut album WHILE HE IS STILL ASLEEP will be out September 9th


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