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Don't you dare mess with Etaoin - new single "I Dare You" out now

So, did this Irish girl appear out of nowhere and rake in half a million streams since the beginning of this year? You bet. Her name is Etaoin and she will just continue to dish out songs so affective, so coarse and so soft that you will discover corners of your soul you didn't know existed.

After "Bedroom Walls" and "Pale Damp Cheeks" gathered radio airplay on several Irish radio stations as well as spot plays on BBC and got placed in the biggest pop, folk and acoustic playlist (including NMF UK with both releases), she will release one last appetizer before her debut EP is out. And it is bold.

"I scribbled the whole song down in the bathroom of my parents house, in ten minutes. I was so furious, I heard this boy was talking about me behind my back to all of our mates. I was like: If you wanna do that, fine. I dare you, keep going, see what it does for you. The song is about a general feeling of being talked down to and underestimated, a running theme that I’ve felt has cropped up many times over the years. This song is about me standing up and asserting myself again."

Etaoin is angry and you can clearly hear it in her voice, in her determined guitar play, in her fire-spitting confidence. "In life it's not always about who turns up for you, it's about the times you turn up for yourself. Self-respect is often used in such a screwed up way, in this case I was respecting myself by cutting contact with this person and calling him out on his shit. It's me finding my voice again”

"I Dare You" is taken from Etaoin's debut EP, out April 30th.


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