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CHRISTY is named one of Amazon Music's Ones To Watch 2021, releases new track "This Road"

In just nine months time Christy went from zero to one million streams a month. How did the Scottish singer/songwriter do this? Is it his poignant lyrics? His anthemic compositions? Is it his wit, his charme? Yes to all of it. Amazon Music took it as a clear sign that Christy is One To Watch in the coming year.

Before launching into EP 2, Christy is putting a warm blanket on his listeners this winter with new single "This Road". Acoustic guitar and tender brass coat Christy's softest vocal performance to date. Christy says: "‘This Road’ is, for me, echoing right back to the very first songs I wrote when I was 16. I used to demo songs on GarageBand back then, now I co produced ‘This Road’. The first released song I have co produced! It is the story of a person that you can’t seem to stay away from and keep going back to even though it’s been proved to be a bad idea time and time again."

If Netflix needs a songs for that moment in a Christmas movie where the protagonists realise their heart truly belongs to their tiny hometown with their high school crush, this is it. (Well, apart from it being about a bad idea, but that's for after the credits roll.)


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