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"Forever" isn't real - Christy's new single is

Christy's new single "Forever" starts with the sound of the play button of a cassette player. Analog technology, a bit out of time. Just like the concept of 'forever' in a world that seems to spin faster by the day. Or as Christy puts it: "Time is a strange concept. It passes us by in a flash. Looking into an ever changing face is an every day reminder of how much of it has actually gone by. You can’t promise forever, because forever in a moment right now is different from forever in a moment tomorrow. Moments and people are constantly changing."

Like a year ago, when no one had heard a song by the Scottish songwriter. Today, more than one million people listen to his music every month. We learned how fast things can change and who knows where we'll be next year, next month, tomorrow. "I wish things could last forever but I know thats not realistic as nothing can. I hope you enjoy this song dedicated to a love that I hoped could last forever."

As melancholic as the message is the sound of "Forever", soft and intimate, close and gentle. That's no accident: "I wrote this song in the middle of the night, around 3am maybe, after an intense chat with my friend about a relationship that recently ended. I didn’t want to wake anyone so when I sang it into my phone it sounded so soft and intimate, we put a lot of work in making the recording have the same feeling."

2021 will see plenty new Christy releases and many new styles and sounds in the songwriters catalogue. "Forever" comes with a live acoustic performance video.


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