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Christy drops his cover of Alabama Shakes' "Don't Wanna Fight"

The space between two EPs is oftentimes an opportunity for artists to release something fun. A cover for example. Having just released his acoustic EP Somebody Else Instead, Christy is looking at a busy autumn full of new music - but before diving back into the songwriter hustle he teamed up with Amazon Music to record a special version of one of his favourite songs, Alabama Shakes' "Don't Wanna Fight".

"This has been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it way back in 2014. So when it came time to choose a song to cover I thought it would be the perfect choice. After the last year, this song had a whole new meaning to me, at times I maybe felt like I didn’t want to be here, so the lyric, ‘I don’t want to fight no more’, had an even more powerful meaning and that’s where I drew the inspiration from when singing the song."

Christys version of "Don't Wanna Fight" is out exclusively on Amazon Music and comes with this atmospheric mini documentary of the recording day.


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