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With "Burned Out" Christy sums up 2020 in one song

Despite 2020 being, well, whatever, Christy managed to hit the ground running with his debut EP Homegrown and two extra singles "This Road" and "When We Get Old". The Scottish songwriter left an impression with an intuition for big melodies and deeply felt lyrics. 2021 will see even more of his charismatic persona and beautiful music, with new single "Burned Out" being the kick off to a number of releases through spring and summer. The track secured him the number one spot in Amazon Music's Fresh Pop playlist - look at our cover boy!

"Burned Out" leads Christy fans away from the path of the classical singer songwriter style showcased on his debut EP. Instead it follows his last single "This Road" in creating more atmosphere with layers of sounds and samples. It's a song that was born out of the shared trauma of the last year. "‘Burned out’ is 2020 summed up into a song. There were times when I felt like I was finished with everything and really fed up. I felt very out of control, like so many of us did, so that’s what this song is for me. It’s about feeling helpless, frustrated, and ignored within a flawed system," says Christy.

2021 will see plenty new Christy releases and many new styles and sounds in the songwriters catalogue. Something to look forward to!


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