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Girl Scout feel anxious "All The Time And Everywhere" and make peace with it

What is an adequate word to describe what just happened? Swedish four piece Girl Scout released their debut single "Do You Remember Sally Moore?" and received wagons of love, good press and playlist support across DSPs. We can barely find a suited term for it

Girl Scout is Emma Jansson (guitar, vocals), Evelina Arvidsson Eklind (bass, vocals), Per Lindberg (drums) and Viktor Spasov (guitar). "That we'd be a band was clear from the first time we played together. Viktor and Emma had brought a couple song ideas, but after 3 hours rehearsing as a band suddenly there were six almost finished songs. There is a natural collaboration between us, where everyone's musical contribution naturally gels together and forms our collective sound", they say.

Likening them to Alvvays, The Ramones or Best Coast, critiques didn't hold back their praise for the quartetts first release and fans quickly followed, already asking for more music. So be it. With their second single "All The Time And Everywhere" Girl Scout will follow up their rowdy love letter to a never forgotten high school sweet heart with defeated hymn about the overwhelming weight of the world.

"This song is about anxiety following you around like a stray dog", says Emma. "I wrote this during a period of my life when I was constantly feeling nervous, and being around people I didn’t know made me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. The feeling turns into an extension of yourself that you wish you could severe it from your body. In the end I guess you’re forced to make peace with it and just deal with life sometimes being an uncomfortable thing."

'All The Time And Everywhere' comes with a video put together from snippets filmed by the band on Super 8 during their first ever festival summer earlier this year, where Girl Scout earned their first spurs and proved they are naturals on stage: stirring, quirky, nonchalant. November will see a first headliner tour in the UK, as well as more shows and support gigs throughout Europe.


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