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"Western Wind"


After just having released her 2nd EP, Irish Songwriter Etaoin proves to listeners that she doesn't slow down. In this new tale of brutal heartbreak and loss, she shows us what she can do best: laying things bare with just the warm tones of her voice and an acoustic guitar, reminiscent of her first ever stripped back singles "Bedroom Walls" and "Pale Damp Cheeks”. 

Etaoin wrote "Western Wind" two years ago in Ireland during winter time, all alone at 2am on the kitchen floor. It was a few weeks before Christmas and she had experienced her first real break up that year. "I was sat there on the tiled floor thinking about how he wasn’t going to wish me a happy Christmas this year. We hadn’t spoken in months after we called things off and I was beginning to accept that he wasn’t coming back," Etaoin remembers. 




With the darkness of winter approaching fast, "Western Wind" is a perfect tune for remembering that there will be light again, for getting cosy and letting the year come to an end, hopeful of new beginnings. "There’s a line in the chorus that says 'darling, let your winter thoughts see the sun', which references how a lot of us can get stuck in a rut of sadness rather than trying to look at the positive aspects of a situation. It’s so easy to get caught in a spiral of overthinking. I was beginning to look at the end of the relationship as an opportunity to grow and learn, rather than just the fountain of confused hurt that I thought it was for so long. It changed me for the better and made me understand that sometimes people don’t stay even though they want to. And that’s okay."


Etaoin has a talent of telling her stories and making them universal. She will reach into your past experiences and gut you with your own memories in the softest way imaginable. She taps into combined inspiration from her Irish storytelling heritage and her music library consisting of artists like Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Tracy Chapman. With 10 million streams to her name already, Etaoin has gathered praise from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Notion and Amazon Music, while playing her first sold out shows to stunned crowds in UK, Ireland and Germany. The coming months will see more live shows in all three of these territories. 






It's a gift to turn hurtful experiences into beautiful 3-minute-pop songs and Etaoin possesses it. "Western Wind" is proof that something good can come out of the worst moments of your life. And in case you're wondering: the real life story came to a happy end, too. "I thought at the time that I’d hate him for the rest of my life, but in time as all things do, it worked itself out. I actually saw him recently for a dog walk and he’s one of my best friends now. Funny how life goes."  

"Western Wind" is out November 25th.

Written a few weeks shy of Christmas, 'Western Wind' is
a song about how you mustn't
let the darkness of
your winter thoughts win.


FORMAT: digital single

RELEASE: 25.11.2022

01 Western Wind (3:51)





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Bedroom Walls EP
"Not Over You"

I Hate Everyone (but I don't mind you) EP

"Iris" (Goo Goo Dolls Cover)

"If You Called"










Etaoin live: 

28 February –
33 Oldham Street, Manchester
1 March – Camden Assembly, London
3 March – Dolans, Limerick
4 March – The Workman's Cellar, Dublin
5 March – McHugh's Bar, Belfast

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