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Alexia Evellyn

There's coincidence. And then 
there's Alexia.

Debut single "Hold On" out 14. June 

Located between magic and earth, enchanted by nature, in the arms of one of her totems - also known as Brazil - Alexia Evellyn has been searching for her true place in the realms of our existence. And she has found it, it seems, in her art. Alexia  Evellyn's music comes from the soil, from the wind of the past and the fire of a present that needs alignment with nature more than ever before. Her music is a force, fortified by her love for the universal soul in all things. ​


Over the past years, Alexia Evellyn has amassed millions of followers on her social platforms by showing her audience a glimpse of what humans were actually created for: roaring with the storms, answering to the birds, stomping through the mud and staring into the fire, all the while singing with gaping ardour for the sole purpose of doing it.


Just to think that four years ago she almost decided to quit music altogether… but the coven she found by sharing her voice on social media gave her the courage to keep exploring  the music within.

The first four songs Alexia Evellyn wants to send out into the world are ready and waiting to be perceived. They’re a multi media introduction into the world of Alexia Evellyn, both visually and sonically. “I've always dreamed of making a visual album, and bringing together references to everything I love in the same piece of work.” Alexia Evellyn spent most of the previous months travelling to Europe, writing songs with people she admired for a long time, then heading back to Brazil and adding the backbone of her cultural heritage and field recordings from several places of her roots, like Bahia and the Amazon rainforest, to her songs.


























The first thing people will hear on her debut single is that deep drum she loves so much. Producing music on such a proficient level proved challenging for Alexia Evellyn at first, until she surrendered to be more objective with her feelings and deciphered the treasure of what they bring, creating a vulnerability in the studio she rarely apprehended before. “Being so open about my processes and putting such personal things on my music has been an initiation for me as a human.” The songs will be accompanied by music videos shot and produced by only her, her partner Andherson and his brother Anthony Barcellos. They tell a story, complex and labyrinthine, starting at the end, ending at the beginning and drawing you into an introspection of what it is to be a woman and a human.


In 2024, Alexia Evellyn will share this vulnerability with the world, telling stories of hurt and hope, of the darkness and the beauty of it all. “I hope with my heart that people will love it as much as I do! I want to continue living as a nomad in nature and wherever music takes me. To be better than I was yesterday, in all my bodies. To be freer than I was told I could be. Getting closer and closer to a real human being. And if possible, in some way, however small, make this possible for other beings with my music.”





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Hold OnAlexia Evellyn
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TikTok: 4 million followers
Instagram: 1 million followers
YouTube: 210k subscribers

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