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Alexia Evellyn

There's coincidence. And then 
there's Alexia.

Located between magic and earth, enchanted by nature, in the arms of one of her totems - also known as Brazil - Alexia Evellyn has been searching for her true place in the realms of our existence. And she has found it, it seems, in her art. Alexia's music comes from the soil, from the wind of the past and the fire of a present that needs alignment with nature more than ever before. Her music is a force, fortified by her love for the universal soul in all things. 

"For as long as I can remember I wanted to live through and for art. There was never an Alexia who didn't love art and wanted to sing," she says. She studied popular singing, played the cello in orchestras, has been teaching music for over ten years now. It took a while for her to find her lane of expression. "For years I sang songs where I felt happy, but an emptiness in my chest whispered, 'Where's my true voice in all this?'"

"This emptiness only disappeared in the creation of TOTEM, my authorial project in 2015. It was the first show where I used my drum, my soul mate. TOTEM is the beginning of what I incessantly sought to remember when I came to this world."

Sonically, Alexia embraces a multitude of colors."My biggest interest has always been the connection between two worlds, at first sight apparently opposite." On the one hand, her biggest inspiration is art and traditional music - those that take place in the streets, in nature, with native peoples, which are in the stories, in the music of the wind and those who come to worship the forces of the invisible. On the other hand, there is theaters, studies, books and fine works that make her remember where human beings can go with dedication, intelligence and seeking for some type of perfection. Sounds that dance in orchestras, in the perfect harmonies of movies and old pieces, in the voices of great singers and musicians. "I like to feel the music of my country and all of Latin America, like a continuous fire.In Europe, I feel in the melodies a breeze of the wind, the kiss of snow on my face, a magnetic sea, a silence that takes you inside. My heart has always been interested in making my love for these "two worlds" connected in music." She cites Zé de Teté, Milton Nascimento, Renata Rosa, Xangai and Gilberto Gil, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter, Hans Zimmer as guiding stars, but also Enya, Massive Attack, Thom York, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Loreena Mckennitt, Freddie Mercury, Ney Matogrosso, Ásgeir, Moses, Agnes Obel, Michael Jackson, Aurora, Elis Regina. "And Disney," she laughs.

Now. We could say something like "That's Alexia Evellyn for you," but it's not. The spirit of Alexia isn't captured in this text. Not even close. You will know, when you meet her. And then you'll never forget her.

We're humbled to welcome Alexia Evellyn to Made Records. There's myriads ahead of us.

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"If I can make someone feel good, just like music saves me every day, I will have fulfilled my purpose on this Earth and in this dimension."

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