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thea wang

The (not quite so quiet) sound of silence. 

There is something wonderfully unique in thea wang's solar system. With deep intensity she transforms random encounters, loneliness and love into euphonious short stories that open doors into others lives - and we get to be guests for a little while.

Coming from a musical family (her father a jazz musicians, mother a background singer, her brother Mathias a producer and sister Marthe also a singer songwriter), thea sang in choirs and loved M2M and Destiny’s Child when she grew up – "and Phil Collins (lol<3)." Later she discovered Jaga Jazzist, Jan Eggum, Elephant9, Brian Blade, Mathias Eick and Joni Mitchell. "I especially love music with strong melodies, and harmonies, which I think I have from my family, and I love great lyrics - which I have from books." Originally from Bergen, thea studied jazz-vocals at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, played with experimental pop-duo called Daiisy and in many other different jazz/pop constellations for some years. Currently she resides in Copenhagen, where she landed after quite the odyssey that led to the recording of her debut album. 
















In 2022, Made Records will release thea's first solo record. Melodic pop songs, that take unexpected leaps and fit her magical voice perfectly, helped by electronics and samples that modernize a traditional acoustic singer/ songwriter sound. You can hear Joni's heart beats in her writing, Regina Spektor's tender humour in her lyrics.


We're delighted to welcome thea wang to Made Records. 


















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"I underwent surgery in my vocal-folds in 2018, followed by some months in absolute silence. It made me appreciate how silence can teach you a lot. But it also made me extremely restless, and I realized how much I need to sing to find meaning in life. Sounds cliché, but dang for me it's true. "

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