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Alexia Evellyn

"Hold On"


Over the past year, Alexia Evellyn has amassed over 5 million followers on her social platforms by showing her audience a glimpse of what humans were actually created for:  roaring with the storms, answering to the birds, stomping through the mud and staring into the fire; all the while singing with gaping ardour for the sole purpose of doing it.


Just to think that four years ago she almost decided to quit music altogether.


Playing the cello as a child, and receiving a University scholarship to study singing were solid foundations, however the confidence to embrace her own voice didn’t build until she landed a deal as the main vocalist with Cirque Du Soleil in 2019.


Just before a global tour, Covid hit, Alexia’s dream job cancelled before it even started, and fell into a depression ready to give up music for good.


With her friend’s encouragement and filming capabilities, she started singing anywhere she could, putting the videos online. It didn’t take long until viewers gathered on her accounts; celebrating, connecting to and sharing her acapella versions of old traditional and modern day pop songs, recorded in picturesque Brazilian nature.



“Being in contact with people who loved the same things as me gave me the feeling, for the first time in my life, that I wasn't that strange. In fact, there are many people like me spread all around this Earth. I just didn't know them yet.”


With a growing online presence, Alexia Evellyn spent most of 2023 travelling to Europe to create original music, collaborating with writers she admired for a long time, then heading back to Brazil adding the backbone of her cultural heritage and field recordings from several places of her roots, like Bahia and the Amazon rainforest, to her songs.


The first thing people hear on her debut single “Hold On” (produced by Dillistone and Max Cooke [Ellie Goulding, Dermot Kennedy, Winona Oak]) is that deep drum she loves so much. Producing music on such a proficient level proved challenging for Alexia Evellyn at first, until she surrendered to be more objective with her feelings and deciphered the treasure of what they bring, creating a vulnerability in the studio she rarely apprehended before.


“Even though I love singing acapella, it's impossible to demonstrate everything that's in my head without the production, without the arrangements, without the lyrics, without all the backing vocals and millions of drums”, she explains, glowing with excitement. “And there are parts of me that I have never been able to show in my social videos, especially Alexia Evellyn who loves pop music.”


“"Hold On" was also one of the first songs I wrote. It talks about a dream I had, a dream that I hope to see living in this life. It's about maintaining a strange mania of faith in life, as Milton Nascimento sings. It talks about embracing pain and dancing with it through the body.”


Alexia Evellyn will share this vulnerability with the world, telling stories of hurt and hope, of the darkness and the beauty of it all. “I hope with my heart that people will love it as much as I do! I want to continue living as a nomad in nature and wherever music takes me. To be better than I was yesterday, in all my bodies. To be freer than I was told I could be. Getting closer and closer to a real human being. And if possible, in some way, however small, make this possible for other beings with my music.”


“Hold On” is accompanied by a music video, shot in the Joaquina Dunes of Florianópolis, Brazil; produced by Alexia and directed by brothers Andherson & Anthony Barcellos.


"There's coinsidence. And then there's Alexia"


FORMAT: digital single

RELEASE: 28.06.2024

01 Hold On (3:18)





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