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Etaoin teams up with Tadhg Daly to let you know she's "Not Over You"

How about instead of giving you one up and coming Irish songwriter with an unpronounceable name, this time we give you two?

Both named Amazon Music's Ones To Watch 2022, it was just a matter of time before Etaoin and Tadhg Daly should cross paths. Two voices that possess the gift of blessing everyone that listens with immediate goosebumps are coming together on a song that describes a situation we've all been in.

"It's about two people that have drifted away from one another, without ever being able to stop loving each other. I think there is a really honest and delicate energy in the track and I'm so proud of what we came up with," says Tadhg about the song. Etaoin adds: "It’s about the different perspectives that come with break ups. Saying you shouldn’t talk but still getting a rush when they call you and picking up regardless. Getting yourself in sticky situationships for no other reason than you’re a blind optimist. It’s about words left unsaid and how sometimes the hardest break ups are the ones where there’s still a huge amount of love there, it just wasn’t strong enough to keep you together."

The song, produced by Dustin Dooley, starts very reduced with a lot of space for these two voices and their unique timbre, then slowly builds into a dramatic conversation – until it reaches an end that feels way too much like being suddenly ghosted by someone you used to be so close to.

Neither has ever done a duet with another songwriter before, but "as soon as I heard Etaoin's music for the first time I can remember saying to Dustin, man we have to write with her! She’s a very honest songwriter and her songs have a classic feel to them. It's great to go from being a fan to a collaborator!" Tadhg gushes, and the admiration is mutual: "I love Tadhg’s vocal and ability to write such a strong song more than anything. He has real drive, such a strong sense of self and real unique take on both lyrics and melodies," Etaoin says. "And I love Dustin's approach to production and how he’s really brought the two voices together in such a seamless, energetic way."

The two whipped out "Not Over You" on the first day they met, talking about relationships and how men and women approach these things differently. At the end of the night the song was done. Tadhg: "It always feels such a privilege in songwriting to be allowed into someones mindset and feelings so intimately and for this session it was exactly that. I really love the end result and I'm excited for people to hear our song!"


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