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Etaoin is back with heart-wrenching acoustic single "Sick of Me"

Irish singer-songwriter Etaoin’s latest single, "Sick of Me", leans into a new acoustic pop sound, while keeping the brutally honest lyrics and heart-wrenching stories she became known for on her debut EP. The first look at her upcoming EP, 'I Hate Everyone (But I Don't Mind You)', the London-based artist tells the real life story of drifting apart from her best friend.

About the new single, Etaoin says: “I felt hurt and replaced by her new life and friends. I was totally heartbroken and thought about her literally every day but was far too proud to message her and tell her that. The whole situation had me feeling totally unhinged if I’m honest. I felt like I’d caused the problem and would tell myself there was no point in trying to fix it because the friendship was over and I just needed to get over it - but I would lie in bed at night and write diary entries addressed to her on my iPhone notes and then never send them.”

With all of her songs coming from her own experiences, Etaoin released her debut EP, 'Bedroom Walls', in the midst of the pandemic last year, still amassing over 5 million streams on her first four songs alone. An ode to people who struggle to express themselves, "Sick of Me" combines striking lyricism with her powerful folk-pop melodies on one of the singer's most intense singles yet.


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